Sealing components (Type U)

Price :

Performance and Purpose:

The U-type sealing component makes use of the advantages of Polyurethane, such as high strength, hardness, good elasticity and durability. It is used in the hydraulic testing of oil well casing tubes, steel pipes and a variety of welded steel pipes of the petroleum and natural gas industry.



  1. Either theouter wall or the inner wall of the steel pipe can be sealed according to the situation.
  2. The sealing structureis more simple than other sealing rings.

Working conditions:

Compliant for use with several standards about hydraulic testing requirements including API 5CT-2018, ISO11960-2011 Petroleum and natural gas industries—Steel pipes for casing or tubing, GB/T9711.1-2011, GB/T9711.2-2011; GB8163-2008 for seamless steel tubes; GB/T3092-2008 for welded steel pipes.

Working pressure: ≤ 80 MPa

Working temperature: -20℃~+80℃

Working medium: water, emulsion, hydraulic oil

Material: Polyurethane

Specifications: Specification table for U type sealing components