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Service & Support

As a designer and supplier of hydraulic seals for pipes & tubes and other related seals, JK Seals provides users with complete solutions to meet the different needs of customers while ensuring the normal operation and service life of your machines.

In terms of service, JK Seals guarantee to assist users during installation, commissioning and training of equipment. To maximize the performance of the equipment during its operation and provide technical guidance and support in its subsequent upgrades.

In that way, JK Seals offers valuable and high quality service solutions in order to help you operate, optimize and evolve your production processes.

JK Seals’ Service & Support offers:


  • Engineering consultancy
  • Engineering design
  • Plant design
  • Seals design
  • Installation
    • Start up
    • Adjustment
    • Test run
  • Operation support
  • Maintenance
    • On site support
  • Repair
    • On sit repair
    • Suggestions
  • Spare parts
  • Training


  • Technical consultancy
    • Problem-shooting
    • Question Answer
    • Optimizing guidance
    • Training
  • E-services
    • Remote monitoring
  • Upgrade
    • Technology sharing
    • Upgrade suggestion
    • Upgrade guidance