Culture of Safety

Quite simply, safety is what we do. Our sealing solutions protect millions of people everyday from exposure to life-threatening materials. Durability, ease of maintenance, and other benefits are essential to the value of using a JK sealing solution, but without safety, none of those other factors would matter.This commitment to safety also extends to our own equipments. JK is heavily invested in creating a safe workplace and empowering our employees to take ownership and responsibility for the safety of themselves and their co-workers.


JK Management Idea

JK Vision
At JK , we pride ourselves on developing solutions, not just products. That means fostering a culture of innovation that springs from a deep understanding of our customers’ industries and their unique sealing challenges. From there, our materials and applications engineers set to work developing the material combinations and designs that best meet those needs.JK maintains some of the most advanced industrial sealing research and development facilities in the world. From materials development to product design, we never stop looking for ways to better meet our customers’ needs.Throughout our 30-years history, this approach to product innovation has led to numerous game-changing technologies that delivered unprecedented value, longevity, and reliability for our customers.
JK Spirit
Honesty, Responsibility, Excellence
JK Mission
we buil our sealing the way our customers want them –strong , high-quality , safety , easy to operate , and easy to replacement and maintain.We also offer innovative products for individual customer’s need , as well as a range of services covering the lifetime of the seals . That is why we are the first choice worldwide when it comes to seals for hydrealic tester and hydraulic seal.Thanks to this good cooperation, the JK Seals is a leading international company in seals for hydraulic tester and hydraulic seal engineering.
JK Concept
¨ Excellent quality
¨ Innovation
¨ Reduced time for sealing replacement
¨ Global network
¨ For the best results in sealing for hydraulic tester & hydreaulic seal
¨ Any size of seal for all machines
¨ Low operating costs