PU Sealing components for H.F. Welded Tube Mill – Belgium

Project Time: 2005
Location: Belgium

Belgium is one of the most developed industrial regions in the world. Its main industrial sectors are iron and steel, machinery, non-ferrous metals and other industries.

The Belgian company has established a set of strict quality assurance system and quality control system from production to service, which conforms to international standards. And all their equipment are provided by European companies, which shows their high requirements and standards for equipment and products.

With the rapid development of infrastructure construction all over the world, the demand for steel pipes has increased dramatically. JK SEALS was recommended to the Belgian company to offer a PU sealing components solutions to meet their growing market demand.

Type P of plain washer end-face sealing:

According to the company’s high requirement and targeting at overseas market, JK SEALS began to supply customized PU sealing components solutions. The company was very satisfied with JK SEALS’S technical proposals and finally chose JK SEALS to offer the PU Sealings for their tubes. This is the first export order of JK SEALS, marked the JK SEALS going abroad. Also shows that the level of “Made in China” PU & PTFE SEALS is comparable to that of international manufactured seals .

JK SEALS has been put forward with high standard technical requirements, and the technology and production teams of JK SEALS are highly expected by the company. The PU MATERIAL SEALING FOR steel pipes produced by our company totally comply with European standard.