Hydraulic seals for Spiral Pipe – Brazil

Capacity: 400000 ton/year
Location: Piracicaba, Brazil
Project time: 2012

In 2012, our large gap ultrahigh-pressure sealing (Type C, D,&CD, P ,NM) with SSAW welded pipe equipment crossed the Pacific Ocean and arrived in Brazil, Latin America. Once again, the logo of JK SEALS was inserted in this enthusiastic country.

Brazil is a major oil and gas reserve country. According to data, Brazil’s proven oil reserves rose to 15 billion barrels in 2011, and the recoverable reserves of natural gas were 450 billion cubic meters. As the main equipment for oil and gas production and transportation, steel pipe factories were spawned.


Brazilian Spiral Welded Pipe Factory, which has a long history and strong qualifications, is very critical of suppliers. After a long period of investigation in the Chinese market, in 2011, after several visits and surveys, JK Seals was finally selected to provide the large gap ultrahigh-pressure sealing (Type C, D, CD, NM & P) for their Spiral Welded Pipe Production Line in the new factory area.


JK SEALS provides one-stop and customer-friendly services, which deeply touches our customers. Up to now, we have maintained technical communication with our customers and forged a deep friendship.

JK SEALS integrates R&D, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, sales and after-sales service. It focuses on the R&D and operation of China’s welded pipe equipment industry and develops high-tech equipment with independent intellectual property rights. The sealing elements produced by the company are compliance with international standards API5CT-2018GB/T9711-2017GB/T8163-2018GB/T3091-2015   (the sealing bearing pressure reaches 200MPa), which is in the leading position in this industry. The products also cover cylinder seal, rotary seal, metallurgical seal such as steel-making and rolling pipe, special seal for oil well fracturing in petroleum and petrochemical industry, scroll seal for air conditioning in new energy automobile industry, etc.

 Adhering to the concept of “Quality first, Customer first”, JK SEALS brand has become the leader of China’s Hydraulic sealing elements production industry!

large gap ultrahigh-pressure sealing (Type C)
large gap ultrahigh-pressure sealing (Type CD)Image
large gap ultrahigh-pressure sealing (Type D)Image
large gap ultrahigh-pressure sealing (Type NM) Image