Technical seminar of main drive and hinge sealing ring for automatic large shield machine

On October 23,2020, Technical seminar of main drive and hinge sealing ring for automatic large shield machine organized by the tunneling machinery branch of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association and beijing Jianke Huifeng Technology Co. , Ltd. has been successfully held in Jianke Huifeng Langfang production base.

The 46 participants are from 22 units of manufacturing, using, maintenance and scientific research in different domestic tunneling industry, including executive vice chairman of the tunneling branch Jiang Lin, secretary general Song Zhenhua, consultant Yu Ju, secretary general Ruan Xia, and other leaders and experts.

(1) Beijing Jianke Huifeng Technology Co. , Ltd. has successfully mastered such key technologies and equipment as “super-large sealing ring automatic preparation technology” , “wide redundant raw material formulation system” and “precision continuous vulcanizing unit” . A complete set of production technology of 50000m/y super large sealing ring has been built.

(2) Beijing Jianke Huifeng Technology Co. , Ltd. has a production capacity of 3000 pieces per year from mini level to super large sealing ring, which can meet the
needs of shield construction.

(3) breaking through the foreign technology monopoly and contributing to the localization of shield manufacturing.

The meeting was presided over by secretary-general Song Zhenhua. Chairman of Jianke Huifeng Company Xu Jin gave the opening speech, Deputy general manager, Yang Xiaohui introduced the development of of Jianke Huifeng, Technical Director Li Lizhen made a report about the “50000m/y large-scale shield seal continuous vulcanization technology” , senior Engineer Wang Wendong made the “hydraulic seal selection” report. The delegates also heard presentations on the professional exchange of sealing materials, sealing technology, sealing products and applications reported by Professor Jiang Zhiguo of the Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Vice President Liang Xingsheng and director Liu Pai of the China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Research Institute.

The delegates visited the shield sealing automatic production line at the Langfang production base of Beijing Jianke Huifeng Technology Co. , Ltd. and held technical exchange activities.

As the key equipment for tunnel construction, the full-face tunnel boring machine (shield machine) has been positioned by the State Council as one of the 16 major
projects supported by the national equipment manufacturing industry. As an important accessory product, the shield main drive seals and hinge seals are still in the state of “quasi-short plate” at present. In the current post-epidemic era, the localization trend of shield seals should be resolved as soon as possible under the circumstances of domestic economic circulation. It is an urgent task for the whole industry to improve the performance, stability and reliability of domestic main seal. It is very timely and meaningful for China Construction Machinery Association tunneling Machinery Branch and Beijing Jianke Huifeng Technology Co. , Ltd. to hold this seminar together.