Large gap ultra-high-pressure sealing components (Type CD )

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Ultra pressure components

ultra pressure components are mainly used in hydro-static testing machines for pressure tests of steel pipes, it is applicable to the pressure testing of casings, tubings, natural gas pipes and other steel pipes. As ultra pressure components, sealing components are very suitable for machines that require high pressure seals.


Ultra Pressure Components information

Ultra pressure components are made up of a polyurethane sealing ring and fan-shaped supporters. It is mainly used in hydro-static testing machines for pressure tests of steel pipes. In the non-working state there will be a gap between the sealing ring and the surface of the steel pipe. When testing, hydraulic liquid is applied to the surface of the sealing ring. The ring is then pressed to enclose the surface of steel pipe firmly, allowing pressure testing can be performed. It is applicable to the pressure testing of casings, tubings, natural gas pipes and other steel pipes. It has also been used in leak inspection of steel pipes, connections, welded joints and sealing for high pressure valves.

Leak control at medium to high pressures on rotating equipment is one of the most challenging sealing applications. At higher pressures, the sliding contact area between the seal lip and the shaft generates higher friction, heat and seal lip wear than at zero system pressure, leading to premature or catastrophic seal failure in a very short period of time when using rotating is not a seal specifically designed for higher pressures. Special care must be taken to select the proper seal design and the appropriate seal material.

Our high pressure seals include standard, proprietary and patented rotary shaft lip seals that combine specific design and material characteristics while providing optimal sealing performance.

These design features reduce.

parasitic friction
Heat buildup
Seal and shaft wear
Torque generation
Required power consumption

Working conditions

Compliant for use with several standards about hydraulic testing requirements including API 5CT-2018、ISO11960-2014 Petroleum and natural gas industries—Steel pipes for casing or tubing, GB/T9711-2017; GB/T8163-2018 for seamless steel tubes; GB/T3091-2015 for welded steel pipes.

Working pressure: ≤ 200 MPa

Working temperature: -20℃~80℃

Working medium: water, emulsion, hydraulic oil

Material: Polyurethane

Specifications: Specification table for CD type large gap ultra-high-pressure sealing components


  1. Lip Optimization: under peripheral pressure, the lip and groove surface fit more closely, and the higher the pressure, the better the lip sealing.
  2. The fan-shaped supporters, in the premise of increasing the strength of the sealing ring, can shrink and expand in radial direction with the sealing ring.
  3. The sealing gap is larger than D-type , and a wider range of steel pipe specifications can be used for the same specification sealing ring.

Typical high pressure sales applications include.

High pressure seals
Booster pumps
Water jet intensifiers
Laboratory pumps
Oil and gas valves
Downhole safety valves
Airless Paint Pumps


Additional information


CD114.3-66, CD127-66, CD139.7-66, CD168.3-66, CD177.8-66, CD193.7-66, CD219.1-66, CD244.5-66, CD273.1-66, CD323.9-66, CD60.3-66, CD73-66, CD88.9-66

Pipe size

10-3/4", 12-3/4", 2-3/8", 2-7/8", 3-1/2", 4-1/2", 5-1/2", 5", 6-5/8", 7-5/8", 7", 8-5/8", 9-5/8"

Sealing dimension - d 0

125, 139, 152, 180, 189, 206, 230, 257, 284, 338, 70, 82, 99

Sealing dimension - D0

164, 176, 192, 224, 237, 248, 278, 287, 304, 326, 355, 381, 436

Groove dimension - d

121, 134, 147, 176, 185, 201, 226, 252, 280, 332, 66, 78, 95

Groove dimension - D

162, 174, 190, 222, 235, 246, 276, 285, 302, 324, 353, 379, 434

Groove dimension - H


Order No

C605, C607, C610, C611, C612, C614, C615, C616, C617, C619, C620, C623