Combined dust seal –Slip ring combined seal

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Performance and Purpose:

Slip ring combined seal is made up of low-friction PTFE composite slip ring and O-ring. It has the advantages of friction resistance, temperature resistance, high pressure bearing ability, high linear velocity, small friction force and long use-life. And which is applicable to dynamic and static seal of hydraulic and pneumatic system in aircraft, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile, food industry and so on.



  1. The structure is simple, easy to install and can be used repeatedly
  1. The sealing performance is reliable and adjustable
  1. Different types of PTFE materials(Self pressed PTFE barrel material)can be selected according to the working conditions of sealing environment
  1. The working life of dynamic pressure seal is 5 ~ 10 times higher than that of conventional rubber sealing products, and the highest working life can reach dozens of times
  1. It can be used as oil-free lubrication seal
  1. The friction force is small, and the dynamic and static friction force are equal. The friction force is 1 / 2 ~ 1 / 4 of the O-type rubber ring, which can eliminate the “crawling” phenomenon of motion at low speed and low pressure.

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